• A Bus Stop to signify the anxiety that comes from waiting. The depression that sets in from thoughts of what is happening around you. House of Aja is a home helping to ease the mind of our emotions and feeling through aromatherapy.

    "In this House we manage our emotions, in this House we heal"

    Aromatherapy Products
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What is House of Aja?

Our Mission

History's use with essential oils for emotional wellbeing

Often known is the fact that what we smell has an effect on how we feel. What we're losing in the fast paced world of today, is the knowledge of traditional medicine, and how its issue in ancient times always help connect us to nature while managing our wellbeing.

House of Aja is proud to introduce essential oil products that teach us how our ancestors used natural plants to maintain their mental and physical wellness. Our focus on pairing essential oils by aroma and medicinal properties makes our products unique within the world of aromatherapy.

Aromatherapy 101 - from our parnters at NDA

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Our Lost Understanding of Traditional Medicine

Through our products we hope people begin to explore traditional ways to help their wellbeing. We explore the history we have lost about how to self heal our minds and bodies through the natural traditional methods once used before modern medicine.

House of Aja products are extracted from the Earth's plants and presented to you in formulated items made for every emotional situation. One of our goals is to help with the various tasks we undertake daily, that break our bodies down. We believe essential oils are vital to emotional health. Our goal is to present affordable essential oils that any one can enjoy.

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