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The King's Beard Oil - Natural Aphrodisiac Blend with Jojoba Oil for Skin Health

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Indulge in the regal experience with The King's Beard Oil, a premium high quality aphrodisiac moisturizer designed to treat your beard like royalty. Elevate your grooming routine with a carefully curated blend of natural beard oil ingredients that enhance your facial hair's health and the underlying skin, providing a healthy shine of the highest quality.

Key Features:

Experience the luxurious and regal treatment for your beard with The King's Beard Oil. This high-quality aphrodisiac moisturizer not only enhances the health of your facial hair, but also nourishes the underlying skin. With a blend of natural ingredients and a captivating aphrodisiac aroma, this premium oil will elevate your grooming routine to a whole new level.

  • Aphrodisiac Aroma: Immerse yourself in a fragrance that is not just about grooming but also an experience. The blend of essential oils, including Ylang Ylang, Patchouli, and Ho Wood, creates a captivating aroma that is relaxing, stimulating, calming, and undeniably aphrodisiac.

  • Premium Organic Carrier Oils: Our blend incorporates the best organic hair and skin carrier oils available. Sunflower seed oils, rich in Vitamins A and E, aids in skin regeneration and fights acne-causing bacteria. Grapeseed stimulates hair cell reproduction, with high polyunsaturated fats and Vitamin E. Jojoba controls sebum production, providing moisturizing, antibacterial, and antioxidant benefits. Argan protects from sun damage, improves wound healing, and treats acne.

  • Light and Non-Greasy: Unlike heavy alternatives, our choice of light carrier oils ensures easy absorption into the skin. The blend, enriched with Jojoba oil, creates a smooth and silky layer on your facial hair without leaving a greasy residue and reducing beard itch.

  • Essential Oils for Beard Health: Beyond the carrier oils, our formula features essential oils like Bergamot, Ho Wood, and Blood Orange, each contributing to the health and vitality of your beard. Enjoy softer, more manageable hair, increased growth, and relief from dry or irritated skin beneath the beard.

How It Works: The King's Beard Oil works harmoniously to soften coarse hair, boost hair growth, and soothe and prevent dry or irritated skin under the beard. The aphrodisiac aroma enhances your grooming routine, creating a truly luxurious experience, fit for the natural beard of a King.

Elevate your beard care regimen with The King's Beard Oil, where natural ingredients and the power of jojoba oil come together for unparalleled results. Reign over your grooming routine and let your beard exude the royal charm it deserves. 

Base Ingredients:
Sunflower - Vitamins And E help regenerate skin and get rid of acne-causing bacteria. 
Grapeseed - Stimulates hair cell reproduction, high in polyunsaturated fats and vitamin E.
Jojoba - Helps control sebum production, moisturizing, antibacterial, and antioxidant.
Argan - Protects from sun damage, Improves wound healing, conditioner, and acne treatment.
Added Essential Oils:
Blood Orange
Ho Wood
Ylang Ylang

Size: 2 fl oz.  

How to use beard oil:
Shake the bottle slightly, then place 5-7 drops of oil in your hand using the dropper. Rub beard oil onto your facial hair and skin beneath. The routine of how many times to apply oil to your beard is up to you! I recommend twice a day, after your morning and evening wash-ups.  

These 100% Organic Essential oils are diluted at 2%. Usage is recommended for adults only. DO NOT use oils in sensitive areas! Essential oils are extracted from elements like plants, flowers, and trees. You should always do a patch test on a small skin area before full use.

This beard oil comes in a dark glass bottle to protect it from light, which can alter its delicate composition. They’ll oxidize and lose their scent. The best place to store essential oil is in a cool, dry place with a well­­­-regulated temperature. Store oils in a refrigerator.

*House of Aja takes pride in presenting products that are 100% organic. We deliberately exclude artificial ingredients, emphasizing our commitment to providing a genuinely pure and natural experience.

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Tayari J.
Great product, legit

Great product, legit