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Relaax Hair Locs Essential Oil

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We took the same blend used in our beard oil and added Peppermint essential oil to the blend. Like our other hair oil products, this one includes a dripper top for easier application throughout the scalp. This product presents 4 of the most popular carrier oils, along with 6 essential oils. All featuring medicinal properties related to our skin and hair.  


Collection: Relaax           
A bespoke blend of carrier and essential oils chosen for a Relaax’ed purpose. With front notes of Peppermint, Blood Orange and Bergamot, you’ll feel uplifted and refreshed to start your day. Ho wood and Ylang Ylang match well, while Ylang Ylang is known to create thick and shiny hair, while helping with hair loss. The aroma of Patchouli should last the longest. It’s known to help with chapped and wrinkled skin. 

Characteristics of Aroma: 
Base Ingredients:
Sunflower - Vitamins And E help regenerate and get rid of acne causing bacteria. 
Grapeseed - Stimulates hair cell reproduction, High in polyunsaturated fats and vitamin E.
Jojoba - Helps control sebum production, moisturizing, antibacterial, antioxidant.
Argan - Protects from sun damage, Improves wound healing, conditioner, acne treatment.
Blood Orange
Ho Wood
Ylang Ylang

Size: 2 fl oz.  

How to use hair locs oil:
Use after your routine wash or as needed. Shake the bottle slightly, then place drops of oil as needed throughout your scalp and hair. 

These 100% natural essential oils are diluted at 2%. Usage is recommended for adults only. DO NOT use oils in sensitive areas! Essential oils are extracted from elements like plants, flowers and trees. You should always do a patch test on a small skin area prior to full use.

This hair locs oil comes in a dark glass bottle to protect from light, that can alter their delicate composition. They’ll oxidize and lose their scent. The best place to store essential oil is in a cool, dry place with a well­­­-regulated temperature. Store oils in a refrigerator.