Essential Oils to Diffuse

In home diffusers are a great way to enjoy the aromas of your favorite essential oils. You choose oils that naturally appeal to your senses and that's that. Enjoyable as it may be, that one oil's smell and affect it may have on you, can only intensify by blending it with other oils. With each blend having its own character through aroma and affect on wellbeing, we chose to associate each of them with a name and color. Both having a connected meaning to what the diffuser blend was created to help with. A few oils were selected for our Summer 2021 Collection. Currently available are 5 blends that include some of the list oils. 

*Eucalyptus *Lemongrass *Blood Orange *Patchouli *Clove Bud *Clary Sage *Bergamot *Tea Tree * Marjoram *Rosemary *Cedarwood *Anise Star *Geranium *Ho Wood *Lavender *Wintergreen