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David Frampton creator House of Aja Aromatherapy

 My Journey to Urban Wellness

I started out with a desire to acquire inner peace. Moving about life at the pace of an average human being today….FAST. Hardly spent time to really figure out how I was actually doing. It was the beginning of 2020, right before Covid hit the world. My journey took me into the industry of essential oils. I could relate to them based on Biblical and Historic Egyptian references. I could remember reading about how ancients would gift these (in their time) rare herbs and spices to royalties.

By April of 2020 I was ordering essential oils for various aroma and property groups to test out. In doing so it became evident to me that the aromas of these oils had a positive effect on my emotions. Instantly, I knew I had to learn more in order to somehow share what I discovered. The discovery of essential oils and their use has taken place thousands of years ago. While some cultures have continued to use them, their use of many Americans has been diluted or lost. The very understanding that a thing we once knew that was natural and could help us was lost, was the very reason why House of Aja was created.

House of Aja

House of Aja was developed in early 2020 to focus on the use of aromatherapy as a method to balance our wellbeing. Learning how to manage our feelings and overall emotions are becoming more difficult within the demanding world we live in. As a black-owned business, we strive to share back some of our heritage through essential oil knowledge. Our products seek to reintroduce essential oils and their aromatic use, back into our everyday lives. Each item that comes out of our shop is handmade, time spent researched, essential, and carrier oil blends. Combining essential oils by their properties to create products that are detailed for a specific use while blending aromas that can be captivating. Customers will experience a full understanding of aromatherapy, through all of our products. Gaining beneficial knowledge of the plants, flowers, herbs, and trees that flourish all over the earth.

Aja Goddess

Aja is an Orisha. The Yoruba mythology Goddess of forests, animals, and botany. Gods have been known to use their powers to instantly heal someone. What you find different within Yuroba mythology, is that some Gods used their powers in practical forms. It is said that Aja would heal people by going into the forest and gathering the ingredients needed to heal specific ailments of the people who prayed to her.
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