Covid-19 made wellness essential in 2020

Essential oils may be the thing that can help you with some things. Yes it seems like the latest trend, but oils have been used for thousands of years. So in trying to find a personal piece of mind, I started to purchase and apply these old tactics. 2020 really has people rebuilding a relationship with nature. Mine came about by looking for natural ways to relax. With so much on the brain, whose thinking about sleep. Then I thought about all the people who suffer from insomnia. So down the rabbit hole I went. Spending days reading about different oils and their origins. Commonsense begin to kick in as I realized all oils are from the earth's botany group. Coming from our tress, flowers, herbs, plants and fruits.  

It clicked...cedar wood was used by the Egyptians for mummification. In the Bible, Jesus was giving frankincense and myrrh. Someone in the jungle crunched up a flower and used it as perfume. Eating fruit can have its uplifting moments. Rubbing oils into your skin and hair had its own benefits. People have always found ways to utilize this stuff. 

Essential wellness became a hobby for me in February, and something I wanted to share with people in August. You can read all the talk about people who've had issues using essential oils. Thinking of them as the elements we naturally know that as isn't the way. Plus, concentrated liquids are always usually powerful. Using oils in moderation is key. Some practices allow for ingesting, but I rather topical and aromatherapy usage. 

Established House of Aja

Mythology has been a hobby of mine for some time. I used it to find the name Aja. I wanted Africa to represented first. Not knowing that there was an entire history of Gods, just like we Zeus and the other Greek Gods. Yurobians of west African in countries like Nigeria and Benin called them Orishas. As in other mythology, each god had their own power. 

I searched for whoever represented nature and found Aja. The Spirit of the forest, animals and herbal healers. She being the spirit of the forest, her healing came her knowledge of things of the forest. She'd go and grab what she would need and make it for the needing person. 

A current wave of getting back to all things natural, makes learning essential wellness for yourself ever important. House of Aja was built to help people learn ways the oils can be useful in every day life. Elders have spoken to me about muscle pains and arthritis. While middle aged people are looking to take care of their hair. 2020 gave all of us an attitude and House of Aja would like everyone to relaax.

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