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House of Aja

Mango & Avocado Body Butter

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Welcome to the exquisite world of House of Aja's Mango & Avocado Body Butter, a testament to our dedication to crafting pure and luxurious skincare solutions. In this 6 oz jar, a symphony of natural ingredients, including mango butter, avocado butter, pomegranate oil, and argan oil, awaits to transform your skincare routine.

At the heart of this indulgent body butter lies a carefully curated selection of essential oils, each chosen for its unique benefits. Tangerine, with its uplifting aroma, promotes skin cell regeneration. Ylang Ylang brings a sweet and floral fragrance, offering calming properties to reduce stress. Bergamot, known for its antibacterial prowess, contributes to skin cleansing, while geranium balances oil production.

Clary Sage, a natural antiseptic, complements the soothing properties of fennel, which detoxifies and rejuvenates the skin. Cypress, with its astringent qualities, aids in skin tightening, and rosemary's invigorating scent stimulates circulation for a radiant complexion. The mystical Dragon's Blood Extract, renowned for addressing stretch marks, adds a touch of magic to our formulation.

Beyond its indulgent feel, our Mango and Avocado Body Butter becomes a companion in your journey to alleviate PMS symptoms. The eight essential oils work harmoniously to nurture your skin and enhance your overall well-being. Its non-greasy formula ensures a soft-to-the-touch experience that lasts all day, free from discomfort or residue.
Added Essential Oils:
Ylang Ylang
Clary Sage
Dragon's Blood Extract
Size: 6 oz Jar

Caution is advised, as the 2% dilution of organic essential oils makes this body butter suitable for adults only. Avoid sensitive areas, perform a patch test before full application, and revel in the potency of plant-based goodness.
*House of Aja takes pride in presenting products that are 100% organic. We deliberately exclude artificial ingredients, emphasizing our commitment to providing a genuinely pure and natural experience.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Dwayne Dick
Amazing product!

This product is a game changer. My wife loves it and that's all that matters! Keep up the great work!

Shauna F.
Great product

I have been using this product and this product only for the last two weeks! It has a nice creamy texture that leaves your skin feeling moisturized and butter soft for hours.

Mango & Avocado Body Butter

The texture of the body butter is amazing . It’s keeps my skin moisturize about 5-6hrs . It has a wonderful smell and is really good for your heels as well .

Rasheidah Frampton
Amazing texture

The texture of this body butter is amazing. It’s thick yet fluffy making application super easy. It leaves a nice sheen but doesn’t feel oily. Scent light enough to still wear your own perfume. Love this product looking forward to more

Kimberly Lind
Silk smooth

I use after my morning shower and my skin is smooth and silky without being greasy. It last for hours without having to reapply.