Aroma work stress relief solutions

Aroma work stress relief solutions

Tired of taking your normal walk or listening to music during your lunch break? Well there is relief for the stress you feel at work with essential oils. You don't need to disrupt your co-workers with the aroma of a diffuser at your desk. By the way, you should notify your supervisor if you intend add a diffuser to your desk. I give respect to companies like google, who invest in employee game rooms and other stress relief environments. In real life, work can be in it's own self stressful! Something can pop up at any giving moment of the day. It isn't like all of us can hit the game room at any time of the day...

Solutions for all day work stress?

Essential oils are not solutions. Just like working out does something to your stamina, these oils do something to your personal atmosphere. Which really means wearing your oils some how may affect your mood. Lava stone wrist bracelets are in style. Other pieces like necklaces can be found as well. Using jewelry is just one method of wearing an aroma on yourself. Essential oils dropped in a carrier oil can be used with a roller too. With these two methods, you can create your own aroma filled environment. Using essential oils that are categorized for things like anxiety, grounding, focus and stress could work on your atmosphere. These natural oils come from all over the world. In many cases our brains have experienced many of the aromas. Being used in many every day products that we hardly think about.

Eucalyptus essential oil reminds you of Vicks vapor rub. Which kind of makes sense when understanding how the oil is used in aroma and physical therapy. Characteristics of the oil like being anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and anti-bacterial help with muscle relaxation. Using ways like this to identify oils should help when deciding on what you'll add to your collection. You can search for any essential oil to figure out its use. What I do is I always type the name then essential oil, like eucalyptus essential oilYou'll get info on it's use for diffusing and how it works on your body. 

The key here is gaining an understanding of your go to oils. Should you not want to take a long approach to understanding them just yet, pick from one of the groups. Each group has known uses which can limit your guessing as to your tolerance of smell. 

  • Woody
  • Balsamic
  • Citrus
  • Earthy
  • Floral
  • Herbal
  • Medicinal
  • Minty
  • Spicy

Working within the groups is a great way to learn oils at a much faster rate. Should you the smell of oranges, lemons and mango uplift your spirits, then get into all the citrus essential oils. It's that simple. Pinterest among other sites has hundreds of blend recipes. To close out 2020, House of Aja will reveal its first line of essential oil blends. 


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