Diffusing essential oils by the window. Using aromas to help communicate happy feelings to my mind. My go to in order to digress from stress the day brings. Aromatherapy can help you with your emotions is used properly.

Stress relief by diffusing essential oils

Truth be told, more and more people are trying to find better ways to relieve themselves of stress and get to sleep on time. Most of us spend the bulk of our time at home. Which makes it the perfect place the be your headquarters for personal relaxation. The catch to it, is that most homes aren’t set up for relaxation. Whether the kids are constant noise makers, or your husband is always making something with his power tools. We all need some sort of automatic mood setter, so that everyone in the house can be on the same page at the same time. We now know that ancient civilizations in Egypt and India used essential oils for medicinal and spiritual use. We can tell from stories from the Bible and historical artifacts that essential oils were prized for how their aromas affected out state of mind. In fact, over 50 alabaster jars containing that would contain essential oils were found in King Tutankhamen’s tomb. Within this post I want to answer why these oils were revered for their calming effects and how we are now able to duplicate these aromas in our home to keep things more peaceful.

Mostly everyone seems to be searching for some aspect of peace in life. While the world doesn’t always offer us a chance to relax, it becomes our home’s job to afford what’s become a luxury today. Some have even opted to upgrade spaces in their home with therapy studios. Just imagine yoga mats, singing bowls, palo santo essential oils diffusing, with whatever choice of music that makes your nerves chill out. It’s become ever clearer that people need to know how good essential oils can be for stress. That you don’t have to live life scouring for short term ways to feel good about yourself. I’m going to share with you some ways you can create a new presence in your home with essential oils. While there are hundreds of these oils, some are especially great for in home aromas that set a relaxing mood for everyone to enjoy. Let’s explore these aromas and learn where you can purchase you diffuse blends to start your essential oil collection.

A market that caters to our smell

ou shouldn’t think that it’s a coincidence perfume, candles, body sprays, lotions and all things created with aroma in mind is a multi-billion-dollar business. Humans react to smells. It’s just that simple. While today, may just chose to maximize on this very sense for food selection or attracting someone. Brands that cater to this sense know very well how much it impacts our minds and, in some cases, how we function. Essential oils like patchouli, lavender and tea tree have been used in big name products to enhance their features. Tapping into essential oils for specifically for their mental state properties is still a new thing. What if there was a product that could help you maximize your sense of smell. One that could connect to your mind, and help change the way your feel.

In order for to understand why you should diffuse these oils in your home, you need to learn a couple of things on why essential oils are one of the most powerful tools today for dealing with anxiety and depression. A short article about the origin history of essential oils can be found at The Essential Oils Academy site. There you can find out info on how ancient people in Greece, India and Egypt turned natures plants into oils, incense, perfumes and resins for medical and spiritual use. What’s important to understand is that before there were hospitals, there was shared knowledge about how one could use properties that came from plants and trees to help aid our mind and bodies to continue to live and be well.

How can I benefit from the aromas of different essential oils in my home?

Essential oil aromas effect the emotional center of our brain

It seems we’ve also lost the understanding of how plant extracts like essential oils can interact with our brains. There’s a connection we have to nature that has kind of been lost. At a pass point in time, we actually all understood what the plants and trees of nature had to offer. In fact, I’m not sure if there is any medieval or Egyptian movie or show that has not shown someone making a “concoction” of some sort for remedy. You’ve seen incense being burned in a ritual or religious ceremony. Essential oils naturally connect with us because they’re organisms, just as we are.

Scientific studies of some essential oils show how they can really impact our mood and health. The healthiest way to experience essential oils is through aromatherapy. One reason why House of Aja wanted to sell essential oil products. The oils when breathed in stimulate the olfactory system in the brain. That the part of our brain that deals with our emotions. Knowing this just makes exploring essential oil use in home therapy ever more intriguing.

Adding a diffuser in your home therapeutic studio  

After you’ve understood the benefits of aromatherapy, the next step is buying a diffuser for your home. Lavender essential oil diffused can creates a soothing fresh and sweet flower aroma in your home’s meditation area. No wonder if falls under the category of essential oils that contain relaxing properties. These natural properties and how they interact with our brains, are the exact reasons an essential oil diffuser should be at the top of your list of items to add to this space.

Diffusing essential oils can be a healthier way to enjoy home aroma

We’ve come to enjoy scenting our homes with air fresheners and plug-ins. Using some of the very old ways like burning incense and lighting scented candles. Though these methods have always done their jobs, most never consider what they’re breathing in outside of the smell. All 4 ways mentioned above are man-made and carry some artificial ingredients to create them. Incense smoke contains irritants and also leads to respiratory conditions like asthma. The majority of candles on the market today contain artificial ingredients to create their smell. Candles can include chemicals such as limonene, alcohol and esters. Such chemicals when inhaled can cause dizziness, headaches allergy symptoms to asthma attacks. Inhaling harsh chemicals over time can even have some long-term effects such as cancer.

Diffusing essential oils is the new in-home aroma trend for very good reasons. The machines allow you to disperse natural oils into the air through water vapor. Easy to use, diffusers only need some water and a few drops of your chosen oil such as geranium or eucalyptus. You have a ton of options when it comes to choosing an aroma. Hundreds of essential oils are out there that have been distilled from flowers, plants and trees. We decided to introduce 5 essential oil blends for stress & anxiety. Hoping to help aid in depression, we took over 15 essential oils with stress relieving properties to include in the collection.

The benefits of switching over diffusing in home can only get better as you try oils out. While this trend is just starting to pick up, our focus has been on using these machines to help depressed people with a natural autopilot way to change how they are feeling. Knowing these oils have been used for thousands of years to do just that. There is some knowledge that you’ll need to learn in order to be able to chose the right oils for you. We’ve taken time to produce 5 blends with stress relief properties all with an intention to interact with the brain. Giving you 5 reasons to enjoy diffusing throughout the day. Shop House of Aja’s store to try them out.


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