Palo Santo arthritis use

Working with Palo Santo essential oil

So. I found this essential oil from time spent looking for some new stuff to add to the brand. Looking for oil like frankincense was my task, and in searching for that I found palo santo. Finding out it's a relative and has a spiritual history within ancient history was a bonus. Its name means "holy woodin Spanish. The native of Peru, Ecuador, its oil has been used for thousands of years. Nature has a beautiful way of allowing one living organism to create something else. The making oil this oil, how it actually comes from the trees is something else. Smelling the scent takes you back to a sort of old time where structures were made with large stones. Let us get into the facts I've learned about this oil, some of its history, and its uses. Plus, how you can implement palo santo essential oil in your daily life. 

Palo Santo history and classifications

Getting know-how oils are classified will help you with your online purchases. There will be many oils that you know nothing about. Plus, they may not be readily available at any local store. Knowing the scent note profile or any family attributes can always be helpful. Coming from the ether (monoterpenes) family, palo santo is known as a middle note. It has a sweet woody scent. History shows that the Incas used its oil as a spiritual remedy for purifying and cleansing. I would think the concentrations of chemicals within resins were way more than in oil forms. Today just like in ancient times, people diffuse the oil to cleanse their homes and any other environment. A general list of things to know about this oil's uses is below. 

  • A supposed beneficial usage is for pain relief
  • Said to repel insects - mosquitos, ants, termites, and flies
  • People find the aroma of Palo Santo relaxing, so it's commonly used to ease stress

How natures chemistry creates Palo Santo oil

Initially, I mentioned that Palo Santo oil is developed in a unique way when compared to other essentials. Oil is distilled from the fallen dead branches and the remains of standing dead trees. The wood actually matures over time after the tree has died, developing chemistry that makes for a very powerful essential oil. interestingly, the same chemistry doesn't occur in cut branches or the wood of cut trees. 

Bedtime uses

I think Palo Santo would be a good addition to someone's before-bed regiment. The fact that it is known as one of the oils to use when dealing with mind, body, and soul, to me just sounds like something that would help with a good night's rest. I recommend using the oil in a diffuser before bed, or as a moisturizer for your body when used with a carrier oil. How has the essential oil worked for you? 

Palo Santo is an oil I believed should be shared with our customers. You'll see it introduced in our joint collection line coming soon. My first thought was to introduce the oil within a body massage product. Three formulas have been developed as body rubs and one of those includes Palo Santo. The oil is more expensive than many of the well-known oils, but we were able to develop a product that still met our dilution rate and pure quality. We are looking forward to introducing the Joint Collection soon. 


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