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10 carrier oils to use for daily body rubs

The various natural carrier oils available and their benefits will over shadow that baby oil you're using. How much do we really understand about how these oils function? Carrier oils are the used as the best method to apply essential oils to the body. The market seems to focus on the essentials like tea tree and lavender, but there is more to carrier oils then I feel is projected to todays consumers. The focus for big industry has been the carrier oils that beauty shops are known to have used. Followed up by the YouTube reviewers with hair growth formulas. What's not really discussed are the ways these oils work and how best to use them. If you've looked into carrier oils, you'll find they range from ones that harden if kept in certain temperatures. Then there are ones that dry on the skin so quickly you may have to re-apply. Well...that's kind of the different between naturally pure oils from trees, plants and the various botanical world. What you'll find is that these extracts from nature can be better than anything on the shelves. 

Categorizing carrier oils by their benefits

For me, the best way to associate essential oils is by their drying rates and the coated feeling one gets after the oil dries on the skin. Using these two factors helps with choosing the best carrier oils to use for your massage rubs. Some oils could be extracted from nuts or fruits. You must know whether you have any allergies to pertain to the oils you use. With these notes in your thoughts, you'll do better at your online searches for carrier oils not found locally. Noted below are 10 carrier oils that are most suited for an enjoyable massage rub.

10 carrier oils for massage rubs

Fruit oils can be nice for a massage. Aromas that depict scents that our brains are already connected to can help with relaxation. Fruit oils like olive, apricot and grapeseed oils are gentle and nourishing. A light texture that moisturizes without leaving a greasy residue. They help reduce the appearance of aging skin, while being a good oil for sensitive skin. These oils leave a nice coating on the skin. Very light and skin that is oily and also sensitive.

There are oils you may select to use, just because they feel right when using them. You won't need to reload the body with more oil to avoid skin friction. These oils have an average drying time, leaving a silky on the skin. Jojoba and argan oil are popular in today's hair and beauty markets. Both of these oils were used thousands of years ago in ancient times. While argan oil is called liquid gold by many people. Not because it is the color of gold, but because like gold it is valuable and has many benefits. 

Within this group of oils are also babassu, hempseed and sesame oils. Along with have the silky after feeling like jojoba and argan, they have an average drying time on the skin. Whether using a massage table or your bed, part of the objective is to continuously massage and not reach for the oil bottle constantly. 

Sunflower and sweet almond oils wrap up our 10 selections for enjoyable massage oils. These oils can feel gummy or waxy until they warm up to the body. Depending on how you store these oils will determine their liquidity. They tend to leave the skin with a slight oily residue. 

 All of these oils come with an abundance of vitamins and nutrients. They'll be explored in another blog post. Products utilizing many of these oils will be used over time. Meanwhile, you can stop by your nearest beauty supply store for many of these carrier oils. In touring some of my local stores, I've found mainly the most "popular name' essential oils on the shelves. You know, the ones that are most marketed. Whether you are just looking for a nicely feeling massage oil, or something that may help you skin in some way. You'll find all of that and more within these 10 carrier oils. 


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