how to mental balance

How to improve mental balance

When I hear these words, it puts images of a yoga session in my head. Everyone quietly holding their positions. Inhaling and exhaling in perfect harmony. This depiction sounds relaxing, but doesn't quite exhibit the meaning of mental balance. In looking up the definition of these two words, I found the full idea how our bodies should function when mental balance is present. The overall definition says this. 

The healthy psychological state of someone who has mental balance, allows them to deal with the world around them with a leveled head. When you are mentally healthy you are able to handle life's challenges, stay resilient to life's setbacks, and build strong relationships with others. 

5 tips for good mental balance

Take care of your body: Yes, the body is a tool. See it just like you would a vehicle. As long as the car is being taken care of, it will allow you to take it where ever you want. The body needs a proper diet and it needs the right amount of rest to help with your mental balance. Have you ever started your work day hungry and sleepy? What did that do for your attitude, let alone your productivity? Taking care of your body through good dieting and exercise can help you mentally be ready to take on your daily tasks. 

Have you ever heard the statement "Cleanliness is next to Godliness"? I've always experienced a new attitude after coming out of the barbershop with a fresh haircut. Women know all too well about that feeling after a new manicure, pedicure and hairstyle. You throw in a massage appointment and both your mind and body will thank you with positive energy.

Feed your soul: Feeding your soul is not about eating at the best restaurants you can find. It is about adding new thoughts and images to your mind that stimulate positive thoughts. The mind needs to be stimulated at times, yet there are also those times where it needs to digress and allow other elements to utilize it. One of the best methods to feed one's soul is by reading. By doing so, you limit your brain from processing negative thoughts and feelings. A good book has the capabilities of resetting the mind while teaching the reader something new to ponder. Below are a list of a few ways to feed your soul. Hopefully none of these are new to you, but if they are then you have good mental release to look forward to.

  • Forgiving someone
  • Serve someone
  • Sit among nature, and scope out new scenery
  • Immerse yourself in music you love
  • Regularly do good deeds while expecting nothing in return
  • Declutter your space
  • Watch live theatre
  • Inhale an aroma you love for 30 seconds

Foster good friendships/Keep in touch: Keeping in touch with people strengthens your relationship with them. Those check-ins are even more touching when the person hasn't heard from you in a while. Having the right group of people in your life is priceless. Enjoyable conversations are one thing, but the resources of a great friendship can do wonders for your mental balance.

My friendships offer advice plus the occasional "you can do better" talks. Good conversations allow a person to really reflect on themselves and what someone is observing about the person. Ultimately, keeping in touch helps you grow. In ways they can force you to do better continually.

Take a break: At times life can be hitting you so hard that you just don't know what to do next. It's then time to take a break! Meaning don't answer your phone, get a break from the kids, take a nap, take a short trip or just try something. Sometimes you just need a break from things you are in control of. The people that care about your well-being will understand. 

Talk about your feelings: Talking about your feelings isn't a sign of weakness. It's part of taking charge of your well-being and doing what you can to stay healthy. Talking can be a way to manage a problem you've been carrying around in your head for a while. Many times, the people who you have an issue with may not know about it. Therefore, expecting your relationship to change with that person will consistently be frustrating. Getting down to the bottom of an issue with someone you care about brings peace of mind. 

In closure, these are all tactics that can be practiced over time. Some exercises can take time to develop. The key is making it a habit should you really need things to change. Being unbalanced mentally can be a major issue. Make sure you take out time to assess how you're feeling on a daily basis. Many of these examples may not be uncomfortable initially. This is where diffusing can play a major role in helping your mental balance. Plenty of essential oils such as cedarwood, lavender and blood orange can easily set the ton of calming your spirits. 


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