ancient Egyptian essential oil use

Ancient essential oils in today's blends

Maybe we were thinking too hard about what products to release next. I had been having conversations with family members who had always mentioned their body being sore. I've always asked each one whether that was apart of the conversation they had with their friends, and they would say it was. Getting to think about the whole idea, stirred up the plan to release a new line of products. These old oils are still a fairly new thing to pop culture. In fact, it still hasn't hit a wave yet. Though I'm hearing a lot of gen x and y are into the oils. With the understanding that I was looking for oils that were anti-inflammatory, I began to dig into my studies. 

Ironically, in looking at the oils chosen for this collection, they seem to be either a spice or a wood. We figure that'll help with identifying where you've smelt each ingredient before. Rosemary, black pepper, ginger, turmeric, marjoram and lemongrass. All all could be found at someone's local grocery store in its digestive form. The woods include fir balsam, cypress, spruce black and palo santo. You'll find a history on all of these oils. Cypress wood is famous during the ancient period. It is used to build walls, doors, stairs, ships and villas. Black pepper was found stuffed in the nostrils of Ramesses II, placed there as part of the mummification rituals. To some people well versed in the kitchen, they've found ginger and turmeric to be nice additions to the health value of cooking ingredients used. We've spoken to people who have known and used these ingredients. 

When choosing a group of essential oils to blend, one can easily pick out too many oils. Much easier to sort thru all the oils within that category, group or fragrance smell, then nit pick at one group like floral or medicinal. Our journey landed us to oils that have been used as far back as ancient Egyptian times, as well as Greek and Roman times of the same ages. When learning about the oils that were used on the body, you get a sense of the moods people of those times carried. It took me back to understand that homes, streets, temples and where ever else were probably burning these oils as incense as well. Thoughts of streets smelling like lavender would be kind of dope. One could also assume that their attitudes were much different when figuring plenty of relaxing incense was burning. 

What these blends will do is help someone learn more about how these oils work for their own well being. It will always be a journey when testing out which oils you enjoy. As a company it is our job to present the oils to you in ways that help you learn about them. It was sort of meant to be. 


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