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Diffuser blends and natural insect repellents

Yup! The essential oil wave is nearing as more are getting into what they offer. House of Aja is staying on our path to bring you the essence of essential oil use through getting to know the oils first. Restocks are a time for us to not only recalibrate our business. While in these moments, we come up with our best ideas for new products. Here's a some updates about what we have coming in May.

  • We've taken time to come up with 10 diffuser blends. Combined they all represent properties for relaxation, sleep, meditation, respiration and the rest we'll leave till launch. Just know that these were made to help manage the changes brought on by Covid-19. These will be packaged in 15 ml bottles and sold individually. Free Shipping will be included for purchases of 3 or more essential oil blends. That includes any other products in the same shopping cart. All will be shipped for free
  • This summer is all about fresh smells, some spice and most definitely a little sweetness. Our essential oil insect and home sprays will be coming to market. In preparation for the hot summer, we thought it would be wise to present some products to show the diversity of essential oil use. You would think it ironic that essential oils used for cleaning would be the same that are used to repel insects. Its true though, and many of them are familiar smell we as humans enjoy. The House of Aja 3 in 1 sprays will be another one of our multipurpose products. Each blended for home, body and outdoor use. Spray around your home and wipe down your kitchen counter. Whether enjoying your backyard, headed on a trail or camping trip, you'll like the face that each blend is created with essential oils like citronella, catnip and basil. We have a couple more insect oils that'll be added, but we don't want to give the recipe way just yet. Overall, 9 new essential oils have be added to our library just for these products. 
  • Our popular formula #1 massage oil will be restocked along with #2. Our massage oil line will have a restock coming soon. A collection that was intended for an older audience, which was well received. Roller bottles will be added to our product line for all 3 massage oil blends. They'll include the same carrier and essential oil formula used in our 4 oz. bottles. Rollers will allow be better application and a more enjoyable aromatherapy experience.
  • You heard it above, but let me say it again. We are finally introducing roller bottles! Both our sprays and massage oils will be produced in roller bottle form for easy application. You'll also be able to experience our blends in more detail in an easy on-the-go form. Since these come in 10 ml bottles, they will sell as sample products. You'll be able to find them on a new page of our site designated for all of our product samples.  
  • MORE CONTENT! We'll be stepping up our social media campaigns to to show you what our brand is all about. Be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook for new content about our company and products we create. 
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