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Tranquility with diffusing essential oils

We all wish we could get away instantly! Maybe not all the time, but let us all say we've had our moments. That is the emotion of feeling tranquil. We experience it as a feeling or a state of mind. As House of Aja is beginning to show you, aromas help balance your state of mind. We're going to get into some essential oils that help transport us to a place of instant tranquility. No matter what you may be healing from at the moment, there is a way to become free from agitations of the mind and spirit. In this state of tranquility, a person can indulge in a tornado of blissfully stable emotions. You're now restful, steady and free from disturbances. To some people, essential oils and products alike are mystical and unrealistic methods of capitalism. Well, they work, and you know why that is? It's because they come from earth's other organism, plants. 

Essential oils come from various parts of the plant. So if you ever hear people speaking about plant therapy, you can include essential oils solely for their aromatherapy use for tranquility. 

You can probably think of something you've smelled that put your mind at ease. Maybe the smell of your mom's cooking makes you happy. Or you have a favorite flower scent like lavender that puts you in a tranquil state. What's happening in the aromas from the herbs, spices, and flowers are interacting with your brain. Those smells communicate with our brains and make us relax. At House of Aja, I try to recreate these feelings by blending essential oils known to help create a serene atmosphere. Through a diffuser, you can explore essentials to the max. Learn which ones put you in a restful state. Once you have that down, every place you're in can become a tranquil space. 

Create tranquil environment using plant therapy

A chart showing pictures of essential oil plantsNone of us are alone when it comes to trying to find a few moments to rest the brain, let alone our bodies. Having a diffuser to disperse an aroma for relaxation is a helpful addition to your daily life. Smelling is more of an interaction between the smell and your senses first. The therapy takes place without you physically having to interact or focus on it. You can go about your work or do your house chores. I enjoy this the most about plant therapy through essential oils. It uses our sense of smell to interact with our brain on its own. They can alter our mood by burning any extra energy. The aromas do everything for you. Essential oils can take you to a place outside of where you currently are. They allow you to create a peaceful space anywhere you're able to diffuse. 

Essential oils have always been in every one of our lives. If I picked oils from the herbal or spice group, anyone could identify the smell of something simply because we use herbs and spices in our food. Any smells your brain has registered in connection to memory can evoke an emotional experience. So it is easier for us to identify with essential oil aromas most familiar to our everyday lives. House of Aja products opens people's minds to plants they may never have known about before. My search for tranquility in essential oils took me all around the world. I found myself diffusing ylang ylang from Madagascar and clary sage from France. It opened up the idea that peace of mind can be when I want it. 

Indoor vs. Outdoor tranquility spaces

Start by looking for a portable diffuser online. Your best choice is one with a USB charge option. Connect that to a portable charger, and you're good to go. Now you're ready to take your oils anywhere you go! 

Indoor Diffusing

There are essentially two places a person can go. That is indoors, and the other is outdoors. We all can imagine laying on the sand, a diffuser next to us while the sunsets. Yes, that's serene and peaceful. Yet we all can't make that scene happen at any given moment. I find that if you're getting into diffusing for mental wellness reasons, it is best to first be in a controlled environment. You want to fully understand what the aroma is doing for you without the other elements helping. I highly recommend starting out diffusing in your home. Do it while you're working around the house. I've found diffusing to be most impactful when I've forgotten the machine was ever on. On the whole, this is a subconscious experience. I highly recommend diffusing indoors for this reason. 

Outdoor Diffusing

I'm in my second year of diffusing. It's mainly been at home, but I have diffused outdoors occasionally. Diffusers can work fine outdoors. Just note you may not contain the aroma as much as you can indoors. Your best bet to fully enjoy the aroma outdoors is when you can be near the diffuser. Being in a peaceful outdoor setting can only add to your aromatherapy experience. I'm fortunate to have The James River by and will diffuse along the river at times. Here are a couple of outdoor places I like to diffuse when outside. 

  • In The Car - It's a perfect place, whether you keep your windows open or closed. Diffusing essential oils while driving is an absolute pleasure to experience. It eases tensions felt from car anxiety. 
  • The Park - The park is always a choice for anyone as in the U.S., since we have Local and State Parks all over the place. It's a good choice for those who find people watching a peaceful exercise. 
  • On Your Patio/Deck - because many essential oils ward off insects, diffusing right outside your home can relax and protect you. 

Whether you choice to diffuse indoors or outside, the ultimate goal should be to start diffusing. Having times when you are free from disturbances are extremely important to mental wellness. We can find tranquility through the aroma of essential oils. 

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