House of Aja hair loc essential oil blend with argan and jojoba oil included for hair shine and growth

Best Moisturizing Hair Oil Products for Dry Hair

Our Hair Loc product is an oil blend which contains Jojoba, Argan, Grapeseed and Sunflower oils. Jojoba oil has been shown to promote hair growth and prevent breakage. Argan oil is known to improve the condition of dry hair. Grapeseed oil is rich in vitamin E and helps protect against UV damage. Ho Wood Essential Oil is known to stimulate hair growth and prevent breakages.

• 100% Natural • Non Toxic • Helps to moisturize and nourish hair Benefits: • Helps to strengthen hair • Helps to prevent breakage • Helps to maintain moisture levels • Helps to keep hair shiny and manageable • Helps to reduce frizziness • Helps to control dandruff • Helps to increase shine


The carrier oils that this product contains have for a long time been used for their premium hair benefits. These ingredients help make your hair feel soft and smooth. The best thing about this product is that it doesn't contain any harsh chemicals or artificial ingredients. You won't find parabens, sulfates, phthalates, mineral oils, synthetic fragrances, or petroleum derivatives in this product. In fact, it's free from gluten, soy, peanuts, shellfish, eggs, milk, fish, tree nuts, and wheat.

With this natural hair oil, you'll be able to keep your locs hydrated and nourished without having to worry about damaging them. It contains a high concentration of vitamin E, which helps protect against dryness and frizz. Plus, it has a light texture that makes it easy to apply and fast absorbing.
The key ingredient in this hair oil is jojoba oil, which is derived from the seeds of the desert shrub Simmondsia chinensis. Jojoba oil is known for its ability to penetrate the skin and help prevent moisture loss. It's also a very gentle oil, making it safe for use on both color treated and chemically processed hair.
Jojoba oil has been used for centuries in Asia as a natural remedy for dry scalp conditions. In fact, it's often recommended as a treatment for dandruff because it helps keep the scalp hydrated. It's also a fantastic conditioner for hair, helping to restore shine and manage frizz. 


Our Hair Loc moisturizing formula is a great product because it keeps your hair moisturized and prevents dryness. It also gives your hair a nice shine. If you want to use a dropper bottle oil that has both benefits and smells good, try using hair oil which has jojoba and argan oil in it. Argan oil is known for being a natural moisturizer and helps keep your hair soft and shiny. Plus, it smells amazing. You can find argan oil at most hair and specialty stores and you can try is through some of our products
When used as a leave-in conditioner, argan oil works well to help repair damaged hair. It also makes hair feel softer and smoother. To use, apply a few drops of our hair locs oil directly onto damp hair and comb through. Leave it on for five to 10 minutes before rinsing off. Our products function a little differently. They can be added to your hair and left in to be absorbed by both your skin and hair. 
Argan and Jojoba oil has been used as a natural remedy for centuries. In fact, ancient Egyptians used them to treat dandruff and other scalp conditions. Today, they're still one of the best oils for dry, brittle hair because they help seal moisture into the hair shaft. The fatty acids in argan oil penetrate the cuticle layer of the hair shaft, which prevents water loss from the outside of the hair.
If you want to use argan oil to moisturize your hair, apply it directly to damp hair after shampooing. Massage it into the ends of your hair and leave it there for five to 10 minutes before rinsing thoroughly. You can also add both oils to your conditioner if you prefer a thicker lather.
Jojoba oil has been used for centuries to treat dry skin and hair. In fact, it's one of the most popular natural oils for hair care because it helps seal moisture into the scalp. The fatty acids in jojoba oil help keep your hair soft and shiny while protecting against dandruff. Plus, it smells amazing. If you want to use our product on your hair, then you should apply it directly onto your scalp before and after washing your hair. You can also add some of the oils into your shampoo and conditioner if you want to use them regularly.

The best thing about using our product is that it does not leave your hair greasy. In fact, it makes your hair soft and shiny. It has been proven that coconut oil helps to prevent dandruff because it contains antibacterial properties. Jojoba oil is known to be one of the most effective natural oils for treating dry skin. It is used to treat dry skin because it contains vitamins A, B, C, D, and E. Everything that healthy skin and hair need to look their best. 

So there it is...with so many options out there to try. House of Aja just wants to make your choice a little easier by letting you know about everything we put in our products. You can find currently available products featuring both jojoba and argan currently in our catalog. You can also reach out to us by email about products you would like to see us make featuring these oils. 

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