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5 Ways To Remove Body Odors With Essential Oils

Essential Oil Uses for Deodorizing

How has it been working out for you? You probably did a bunch of research, thinking you found the best thing odor remover on the shelves. That is the problem. It's not on the shelves. Essential oils get rid of odors too. They kind of actually do a better job at it, and won't max out your cleaning budget in the process. Some essential oils are classified to contain elements that fight bad odors specifically. Everyone tries to get ride of odors in some way. It totally doesn't have to be at home. Google shows that a lot of people are searching for ways to get rid of odors in their clothes. Either way, wouldn't it be fantastic to find one diffuser you could use, instead of the massacre of sprays, plug-ins and candles you currently use? My question to you is, how many $20 candles are you burning through? Forreal....then when you run out, you have to wait for the product to come back in season. That rabbit hole takes you down the way to buying a couple of the same scent at a time. 

Why candles are not healthy for you

The age and method of creation determines how some ingredients could be unhealthy for someone. Toxic wax is the biggest issue with candles. The ones with paraffin as an ingredient are another to look out for. You'd find me buying a candle just cause I enjoy its scent. You won't find me trying to figure out what it's made of. Now, I'm not a million persons in one, but I'm sure many consumers don't really know what is in the making of their beloved candles. 

Essential oils for odor removal

One big, big usage of essential oils is for odor removal. In some cases, you commonly used oil like tea tree is an odor removal. Strong oils tend to have that affect in any environment. In considering the entire family of oils, there are some that specifically combat odors. The list of these oils that help with odors can fall well over 5. Lets consider availability, price and direct affect on odors as our top choice for these 5 essential oil. 

Top 5 essential oils to use for odor removal

There are honestly way more than 5 essential oils that can be used for odor removal. We'll keep it simple and just focus on a couple that I really like for now. As a rule of thumb, oils from the two groups of woods and citrus do well in masking odors. A resource that will show you all 8 essential oil groups, along with the oils of each groups can be found here


Once of the most known scents that exists today. Lemon has been in cleaning products well before I was born. I can distinctly remember my mom using pine-sol and furniture cleaner that had the lemon scent in it. Coming into the house with the smell of lemon in the air, meant that something had got cleaned. As a oil grouped within the citrus family, you'll find lemon to not only get rid of odors, but it'll also leave you feeling energized. Add several drops of lemon oil to distilled water and witch hazel. I'd do two parts water and 1 part witch hazel. This can be used as a house spray to help clear the air of smells you want to subdue. Lemon also carries properties that make it useful for house cleaning. You'll find it to posses antibacterial and antiviral properties, so you can surely use the same above formula on a rag to wipe down your counters. 


It just made sense to group these 4 oils since they are not only in the same group, but are in the orange family as well. Personally, I enjoy the smell anything orange like over lemon. Having antiseptic properties allows these to be used as disinfectants and they are capable of killing bacteria as well. Enjoying these aromas works better for me, as they aren't as tart as lemon. The one that comes close to the sharpness of lemon's smell may be tangerine. If you want to promote feelings of happiness and sunshine in your home, these oils are the way to go. 


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