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The King's Beard Oil feat. Argan Jojoba Sunflower and Grapeseed Oil

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The grooming product that absorbs quickly, smells great and is awesome for dry skin. The blend of 5 essential oils gives this beard oil an aroma that will allow him to conquer the day. Sunflower, grapeseed, jojoba and argan oils are perfect for hair and skin. Two absorb quickly while jojoba oils and argan oils leave your skin and beard hair silky. Natural essential oils help facial hair and your skin beneath uncurl and soften, while carrier oils moisturize your beard and give it a nice shine. 

   ISO Certified    

No more dry skin under your beard

Begin your aromatherapy journey buy giving your beard and skin beneath a new feeling. Many beard oils on the market focus on beard management and texture. While they do have a scent, none focus on how essential oils impact the mind and body. The smell of Blood orange beard oil is unique and though for a man, carries a strength not too masculine. 

Uplift your spirits and move away from anxiety with blood orange, bergamot, ho wood, ylang ylang and patchouli. The King’s beard oil comes with heavy stubble. Its glow attracts a closer inspection, only to find hints of essential oils only a true King can be presented with.

Collection: Relaax           
A bespoke blend of carrier and essential oils chosen for a Relaax’ed purpose. With front notes of Blood Orange and Bergamot, the aromas with promote an uplifting mood. Ho wood and Ylang Ylang round of the aroma with their sweet smells. We added patchouli as the final essential oil for its wide use in the skin and hair industry. This custom blend of 5 essential oils and 4 carrier oils can be found no where else. 

Characteristics of Aroma: 
Base Ingredients:
Sunflower - Vitamins And E help regenerate skin and get rid of acne causing bacteria. 
Grapeseed - Stimulates hair cell reproduction, High in polyunsaturated fats and vitamin E.
Jojoba - Helps control sebum production, moisturizing, antibacterial, antioxidant.
Argan - Protects from sun damage, Improves wound healing, conditioner, acne treatment.
Blood Orange
Ho Wood
Ylang Ylang

Size: 2 fl oz.  

How to use beard oil:
Shake the bottle slightly, then place 5-7 drops of oil in your hand using the dropper. Rub beard oil onto your facial hair and skin beneath. The routine of how many times to apply oil to your beard is up to you! I recommend twice a day, after your morning and evening wash ups.  

These 100% natural essential oils are diluted at 2%. Usage is recommended for adults only. DO NOT use oils in sensitive areas! Essential oils are extracted from elements like plants, flowers and trees. You should always do a patch test on a small skin area prior to full use.

This beard oil comes in a dark glass bottle to protect from light, that can alter their delicate composition. They’ll oxidize and lose their scent. The best place to store essential oil is in a cool, dry place with a well­­­-regulated temperature. Store oils in a refrigerator.