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About Us

House of Aja was developed during early 2020 to focus on the use of aromatherapy for mental health. In search of a holistic form of healing, we found essential oils helped to deal with many cases of emotional health. Using a diffuser in-home became normal practice. Diffusing created a calm environment and showed that natural scents helped stimulate mental balance. From then on, it was decided that these practices of old, should be shared with the world. 

Essential oils have been used around the world since civilization existed. One can recall them being used in Egyptian times and in the Bible. Oils extracted from Frankincense, Myrrh and Cinnamon were mentioned in the Bible. Nature's elements have always been used in the holistic healing of humans. People went into the forest to gather tree bark, plants and flowers for their personal wellness needs. Today, we've found a true need to relieve ourselves of stress. As the world has changed forever, mental wellness has shown itself to be one of the main factors for a fulfilling out. 

We experience essential oils in our everyday lives, not knowing that they have way more useful applications then presented to us. You'll find these oils blended in every day products for cleaning, beauty and food. Citrus oils like lemon can be used to clean your kitchen, while a couple drops in a carrier oil can help with hair loss. Big business retain focus on shelf life. Causing essential oils to make up only a small percentage of most store products ingredients. House of Aja offers essential oil products with no added ingredients to increase years of shelf life. It is this natural way of utilizing the benefits of fresh products that House of Aja holds at high regard.

The mission of House of Aja is to create a tranquil atmosphere for the enhancement and well-being of the body, mind and spirit. There was a time people traveled the known world, bringing with them plants and trees from their native land while sharing the benefits of each use. Aja is an Orisha. The Yuroba mythology Goddess of forests, animals and botany. Gods have been known to use their powers to instantly heal or defend. It is said that Aja would heal people by going into the forest and gathering the ingredients needed to heal the specific ailment. 

Our purpose is to provide clients with natural, handmade, organic, 100% essential oil products. You’ll never need to travel the world trying to find the most remotely located herbs and plants. Paying way too much of an up charge, just because a highly popular ingredient is included is not where we stand. House of Aja will help one explore the use of botanicals for their healing needs, in order to become one again with nature. 

While mainstream product ingredients do include essential oils or extracts thereof, most products on the market do not use 100% essential oils. Many store-bought products have added ingredients that help extend shelf life, but are added as substitutes of an organic oil. Making the final product smell like an oil extract, but having no true medicinal properties for healing. Our clients will experience the full benefits of aromatherapy. Gaining beneficial knowledge of the plants, flowers, herbs and trees that flourish all over the earth.

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