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Blood orange with argan and jojoba

You smell the orange, yet it isn't overwhelming. A light citrus kick grazes you instantly. Blood orange is for when you want to smell a sweet but not overpowering orange. Its a more intense juicy fresh citrus scent. Sourced from Italy, this member of the citrus clan is a total up-lifter. It had to be added at the top note of the beard oil for its attributes. Its aromatherapy characteristics are found to ease nervous tension and promote a happy mood. Did you know that aromatherapy with orange essential oil appear to reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression? Every other essential oil was thoughtfully added based on both benefits and how well their scent blended with blood orange.  As I blog...

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Covid-19 made wellness essential in 2020

Essential oils may be the thing that can help you with some things. Yes it seems like the latest trend, but oils have been used for thousands of years. So in trying to find a personal piece of mind, I started to purchase and apply these old tactics. 2020 really has people rebuilding a relationship with nature. Mine came about by looking for natural ways to relax. With so much on the brain, whose thinking about sleep. Then I thought about all the people who suffer from insomnia. So down the rabbit hole I went. Spending days reading about different oils and their origins. Commonsense begin to kick in as I realized all oils are from the earth's botany group....

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Calming anxiety makes House of Aja night blends

For years I've found trouble with going to bed at a decent time. Anxiety would kick while on the couch. Feeling just like there was always much more to do. The anxiousness didn't help my sleeping pattern, nor my productivity during the day. Ultimately what helped was a better diet and diffusing particular essential oils. 

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