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10 carrier oils to use for daily body rubs

The various natural carrier oils available and their benefits will over shadow that baby oil you're using. How much do we really understand about how these oils function? Carrier oils are the used as the best method to apply essential oils to the body. The market seems to focus on the essentials like tea tree and lavender, but there is more to carrier oils then I feel is projected to todays consumers. The focus for big industry has been the carrier oils that beauty shops are known to have used. Followed up by the YouTube reviewers with hair growth formulas. What's not really discussed are the ways these oils work and how best to use them. If you've looked into carrier oils, you'll...

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Working with Palo Santo essential oil

So..I. found this essential oil from time spent looking for some new stuff to add to the brand. Looking for an oil like frankincense was my task, and in searching that I found palo santo. Finding out it's a relative and has a spiritual history within ancient history was a bonus. Its name means "holy wood" in spanish. The native of Peru, Ecuador, its oil has been used for thousands of years. Nature has a beautiful way of allowing one living organism to create something else. The making oil this oil, how it actually comes from the trees is something else. Smelling the scent takes you back to a sort of old time where structures were make with large stones. Lets...

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Ancient essential oils in today's blends

Maybe we were thinking too hard about what products to release next. I had been having conversations with family members who had always mentioned their body being sore. I've always asked each one whether that was apart of the conversation they had with their friends, and they would say it was. Getting to think about the whole idea, stirred up the plan to release a new line of products. These old oils are still a fairly new thing to pop culture. In fact, it still hasn't hit a wave yet. Though I'm hearing a lot of gen x and y are into the oils. With the understanding that I was looking for oils that were anti-inflammatory, I began to dig...

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Aroma work stress relief solutions

Tired of taking your normal walk or listening to music during your lunch break? Well there is relief for the stress you feel at work with essential oils. You don't need to disrupt your co-workers with the aroma of a diffuser at your desk. By the way, you should notify your supervisor if you intend add a diffuser to your desk. I give respect to companies like google, who invest in employee game rooms and other stress relief environments. In real life, work can be in it's own self stressful! Something can pop up at any giving moment of the day. It isn't like all of us can hit the game room at any time of the day... Solutions for all...

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Healing through a scent bracelet

It may not be the kind of healing you're thinking of. Companies associate essential oils and fragrances within their products for a reason. A scent in many ways can directly affect a person's mood. When living in those moments when I get actual time to relax, the diffuser is usually on. Seems like I've gotten use to the whole mental relaxation through the smell of different aromas thing. Hence why I constantly miss the aroma of essential oils while traveling. Good thing I found out about these lava bracelets, which are great for adding drops of essential oil. This method of what people call scent healing seems to work better for me than diffusing at home. Don’t think for one minute these bracelets come...

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