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New essential oil insect and home sprays and a new line of diffuser blends

Yup! The essential oil wave is nearing as more are getting into what they offer. House of Aja is staying on our path to bring you the essence of essential oil use through getting to know the oils first. Restocks are a time for us to not only recalibrate our business. While in these moments, we come up with our best ideas for new products. Here's a some updates about what we have coming in May. We've taken time to come up with 10 diffuser blends. Combined they all represent properties for relaxation, sleep, meditation, respiration and the rest we'll leave till launch. Just know that these were made to help manage the changes brought on by Covid-19. These will...

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Massage oils for muscle pain in chest

General muscle pain usually comes from straining those muscles. Its a common thing amongst all active people. You could easily strain a muscle trying to install a new flat screen television on your wall. Chest pain can also be from congestion, or commonly known as a chest cold. While more reasons can be attained by a medical professional, we'll focus on the more common ones. Many things can enact stress to your chest muscles. We don't think about about it all too often, but when using our arms in some upper body capacity, we are also using our chest muscles. It doesn't matter if you're working on a car or trying to grab that big pot from your cabinet above, someone...

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3 best ways to deal with myalgia

Before we get into the best ways to manage myalgia, we should first discuss what it is and how it can affect any of us. Pain in a muscle or group of muscles is called myalgia. This pain can be caused by a condition that a Doctor could diagnose, or just from a person's daily routes. More or less it is the noun that describes muscle pain, which makes it a large topic to break down. Outside of medication, I recommend 5 ways you can deal with your soreness. They'll include some practical things, as well as some ideas you may or may not have thought of. The subject of muscle pain can range from inflammation, aches, stiffness to even sharp...

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Diffusing essential oils for common depression

We all haven't been diagnosed with depression, but I'm pretty sure most of us can relate to experiencing it one way or another. Though not common to admit, working a career path that you may not love, or not being about to spend as much time with your family definitely can effect us. With no need to describe the millions of other ways one can become frustrated, lets focus on the details of what you to add to your time of winding down. Its true that people are using natural essential oils more these days. Much being in the natural skincare field. While beauty use has been playing a major factor in the reemergence of essential oils, their aromas have...

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Homemade massage oil for joint pain

To say one massage oil is the best for your joint pain, wouldn't really be a fair statement. Joint and muscle pain are related to inflammation in the body. There are a large group of natural essential oils featuring anti-inflammatory properties. Therefore, if you know the right ones to pick, you can find a product online that includes any one of them as an ingredient. The perfect carrier oil used for a massage may depend on the user's intended experience. Everyone has there own expectations of how they'd want the oils to react to their own body. Oily skin folks may want a light oil. Compare that to someone with dry skin who may be looking for the opposite. In...

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